Why DigitalOne?

Increased Revenue and Referrer Satisfaction

Why DigitalOne?

Three reasons why DigitalOne:

  1. Maximize existing referral sources
  2.  Create new referral sources
  3.  Lower operating cost and increase efficiency 

The Opportunity in today’s market provides radiology centers a significant way to differentiate themselves from the competition.  By adopting the DigitalOne solution you gain a valuable partner without having to increase overhead and infrastructure.  The Affordable Care Act and subsequent demands of Meaningful Use requires the referring physician to embrace electronic medical records.  DigitalOne provides a unique way that enables a radiology center to become a solution provider for the referring physician whose goal is to meet the growing demands of Meaningful Use.

Differentiation amongst radiology centers is defined by these terms: report turn-around, scheduling, registration, quality, Pre-auth, patient experience and state of the art facility…yet referring physician dissatisfaction is highest with report turn around, quality, scheduling, registration and Pre-auth.  If imaging centers “quote” the same benefit to their referring physicians, is there really a need to wonder why referring physician loyalty is limited to only a few of your referrers?


Grow Referrals

Connectivity is Opportunity.  Want to maximize existing referral sources, build new ones, differentiate your imaging center from the competition.... 

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EMR Integration Experts

  • 1000's of Providers Connected
  • Over 100 unique EMR integrations
  • We manage the EMR vendors
  • DigitalOne does all the work
  • Low Cost EMR Integration Alternatives Available
  • No VPN Required

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Clients Say...

We attempted to utilize an interface engine for EMR integration but DigitalOne is quicker and less costly.  You guys have been very quick in your responses, very knowledgeable and saved me tons of time where I didn’t have to go out and learn a new technology to try to implement hl7. 

Wilmer D. – Clermont Radiology 


We understood the opportunity of being proactive in addressing connectivity with our referring physicians and I had done my homework.  However, DigitalOne was the first company we found to be a real partner in providing a comprehensive solution for automating results delivery, receiving orders and managing the EMR vendor process.  In less than 60 days one of our primary referral sources was fully integrated and a very satisfied client.  

Once implemented , the DigitalOne team receive an A+.  They are responsive to new request, training  and information.  

Denise K.-Shady Grove Radiology 

Due to KMH's size and presence within US and Canada, we needed a partner that could deliver on a diverse set of needs regarding connectivity with our referral community in different markets.  DigitalOne has provided a set of tools and expertise that address results delivery utilizing DigitalOne EMRLink, DigitalOne Desktop Delivery, Results Communicator portal and integration with a national HIE.  DigitalOne provides great customer service and are always available when needed.

Anton I. – KMH